presented by Dr. Jeffrey Kern, Ph.D.

SKIGold's Auto-Trade Service.

Subscribe to SKIGold's Auto-Trade Service, mirroring Dr. Kern's gold futures trades.

SKIGold Futures trading signals can be auto-traded in your brokerage account. When you subscribe to our auto-trade service and Dr. Kern issues a trading signal, it will automatically be mirrored in your account. This is the easiest way to trade like Dr. Kern. The fee for this service is $300 per month per unit of trading and it is only charged in months where trading occurs. You only pay when there's a trade!

Sign up using the button to start auto-trading today! Someone will contact you with the next step to establish your auto-trade account.

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Certain restrictions apply. Futures trading is speculative, involves a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. There is always a risk of loss when trading futures. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please consult with your financial advisor to see if futures trading is right for you in light of your specific personal financial circumstances. Neither nor Dr. Jeffrey Kern provides personal financial, trading or tax advice.

There may be many months between trading signals for futures issued by the system. During those months, you will not be charged for the subscription fee, you will only be charged the fee in months in which the system trades or maintains a position.